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Kids at Camp

By Staff | Aug 6, 2015

My grandson is at camp in Texas for two weeks. This is the third year he has gone to Camp Eagle. Last year was not the most pleasant experience, but this year is going great. I learned that from his mother.

He just loves to get mail – not “snail mail” either. Kids can receive e-mail, but they cannot send e-mail.

What do you write to a 14-year-old at camp?

Should I tell him about the robin’s nest that fell down during a recent storm and splatted on the hood of my vehicle?

Should I?tell him about the lady who suspicioned she had a bat in her mailbox. When her husband checked, there was not one, but two, bats in the mailbox.

Should I tell him about the four cats sprinting down the street, adjacent to a vacant house with broken basement windows.

That’s probably dull news for a camper.

He is spending two weeks away from air conditioning and wifi, away from video games and all the latest technology. He is learning skills he didn’t know he had. He should be having lots of fun.

Parents probably have the most fun receiving those obligatory letters from their campers. Many “letters from camp” are posted online.?Here’s a snippet from some of those letters:

Sorry I have not sent a letter yet. I think it got lost in the mail.

I have been forced to write letters otherwise I can’t have dinner but otherwise I am having a good time.

How are you??I want to go home now. I love you very much.

I?need a new pen. My other pen broke. And more stamps.

This is the worst camp in the world. Pick me up on Tuesday.

Don’t have nuff time to write.

I love everything about this camp …. except the campers.

I must write a letter even though nothing important has happened.

I dont believe I have 10 days left. I’m so happy I?didn’t sign up for the 4 week session.

I am having a lot of fun at camp. I?am not dead.

My favorite is the fill-in-the-blank letter:

Camp is ___

I?like ___

A funny thing happened ___

I can’t wait for ___

Please send ___

Just imagine the responses that young campers will write in those spaces.