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Farmer’s Marriage

By Staff | Aug 4, 2015

To the Editor:

And on the 10th day God looked down on his planned paradise and said I need a union that could only be broken by death do us part. So God made a farmer’s marriage.

God said I need a marriage so strong to live out the bad times such as these and make light of the good that we’ve shared through the years. I need a husband and wife that are set in my beliefs that will raise my son and daughter right.

A husband that will fall in love with his wife every dawn through every dusk. A husband that will ease her of the unsure times even if all that remains is his spirit.

So God made a farmer’s marriage. God said I need a wife that understands the long hours I’ve spent caring for livestock and being in the tractor to provide for her and our children. So God made a farmer’s marriage.

God said I need a marriage that will outstand the temptations in my paradise and survive long days and long nights. A marriage so strong that it lasst through years of bad crops, broken machines and unraveled dreams.

God said I need a marriage such as Deb and Genes’ to teach my young farmer. I want a farmer (Gene) to mentor his son, to become his best friend, to be with him in his time of need, someone to lean on when my young farmer has questions.

So God made a friendship between father and son. A friendship so strong they would not part in a tragic time. God said you will grow up loving this man, watching him live out his life, learning from his steps, and being taught discipline with a stern hand when needed. So God made you (Gene) a Dad.

God said Gene when this son is born to you, teach him my ways. Bring him to my house, teach him to pray, to be kind, to be caring, to be honest and to serve in his Christian beliefs. So Gene did and God gave him Austin. Austin was everything a farmer could want in a son. He grew to a man from all that Gene had taught him.

God then said, Austin with me in your life I have found you a perfect wife. One that will share your beliefs and focus on your new marriage, a farmer’s marriage. One that will stand by you through thick and thin. One that will help on the farm and keep you in line. One that you’ve grown with in a ten year time.

God said Austin and Brandi with your farmer’s marriage I will bless you with children that you can teach and love and show them my way. For on this sad July day I will call my farmers home to tend to heavens fields and animals to grow.

God said you see I know you love them but they are important to me. At first you will feel shock and be angry with me it’s a pain so great you will feel as though you’ve lost faith completely. My plan is different and it is not done.

God said Brandi and Deb you are now a farmers widow but you are not alone I’ve left pieces of them all around you. I will hold you in your time of need but I also chose you to be mothers for me. For Gene and Austin their legend remains, they lived their life out in a good Christian way.

God says believe in me, for you have a job to do. Teach your children my way so they will be Christians too. Teach them about a farmer’s life, how to love, to be honest and kind. Share your memories for your love remains. Your children and grandchildren need this to grow up the same way.

Written and Submitted By:

Mary K Schroeder (Joyce)

Fenton, IA

In memory of Eugene (Gene) Opheim and his son Austin Opheim