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Volunteering Before, During, and After RAGBRAI

By Staff | Jul 23, 2015

To the Editor:

As we reflect upon where we were 1 year ago, it is amazing to think about how the community came together in order to make a successful RAGBRAI event. The bicyclists and visitors were very impressed with Emmetsburg because of the AMAZING efforts put on by our volunteers, city and county employees, various businesses, and committee members. We all came together and made Emmetsburg shine!

The entire event from the welcoming committee to safety to campgrounds to entertainment was completed successfully due to the amount of work volunteers completed before, during, and after RAGBRAI. Our volunteers did not just pick RAGBRAI as the only event to share their time and talents. Many of these individuals have helped and continue to help on their own or with a community organization at other times throughout the year.

Community members of all ages volunteer throughout the year. Due to their willingness to go that extra step our city is a better place. It only took me a few minutes to create a list of where people are helping throughout the year: FUEL members putting on free movies for families, groups organizing fundraisers to help those going through cancer treatments, the firefighters who help in times of emergency and taking time to visit children to teach them about fire safety through the school, volunteers teaching a week long Vacation Bible School, Emmetsburg Visitor Center volunteers welcoming travelers, St. Patrick’s Association members planning the week long St. Patrick’s Day events, American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life planners and teams raising funds for cancer research, the Palo Alto County Fair volunteers, planning and putting on fair events, the parent coaches for children’s sports, and the list could continue until it fills this entire newspaper. There are many places and events where people are working to make things better for Emmetsburg and it’s surrounding communities.

We are thankful for those who helped with RAGBRAI and even more thankful for those who continue to make our community better by volunteering their time and talents during the entire year.

Thank you,

(signed) Jodi Ward, RAGBRAI

Volunteer Committee Chair

Jeremy Ward, RAGBRAI Co-Chair (Housing, Campgrounds, Volunteers, Sanitation, and Recycling)

Michael Jacobson, RAGBRAI Campground Committee Chair

* If you are interested in getting yourself or your family more involved in the community there is a list of some of the areas Civic Organizations and Youth Programs that encourage volunteering on the Emmetsburg’s Chamber of Commerce website: http:/ /www.emmetsburg.com/civic_organi zations_youth_programs.