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Trucks Driving Through Emmetsburg

By Staff | Jul 23, 2015

To the Editor:

In the July 14 and 16 papers, there were some letters to the editor complaining about truck drivers driving through Emmetsburg instead of using the by-pass roads.

How do you think the lumber yard, the hardware store, Fareway store, the hospital and all of the other businesses get their supplies??They get them by truck.

Those truck drivers, or the company that they are driving for, pay big road taxes all across Iowa. Your concerns should be on where is the tax money spent.

I have driven in Emmetsburg, going the speed limit, and some cars or pickups will buzz right by me. It isn’t just trucks.

Do you want the business or do you want it to go other places?

Everybody can’t always drive on the by-passes. They are trying to take the shortest, most cost effective way and save the most time to get their loads delivered.

(signed)?Linda Christensen

Graettinger, IA