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So…Here’s The Deal

By Staff | Jul 23, 2015

So…when did we begin starting sentences with the word “so”? So was it, like, recently? Or have we been doing that for a long time?

Anyone who has watched television cooking show competitions knows about this. “So what I’ve prepared for you today…” — “So here we have…”

This probably would not be considered incorrect by most grammar wizards, but it certainly is strange. These sentences could easily forget the “so.”

We read frequently that students in the United States struggle with writing. For that, we blame texting.

An article offering writing tips defines the problem. According to Elena Cupingood, product manager for CorrectEnglish, “texting not only compromises school work, but professional writing as well.”

She adds, “Poor writing habits that start in school can continue into careers. We’re seeing an increase in errors caused by ‘text-speak’ – using text abbreviations and ignoring punctuation — as a serious trend. It’s especially concerning for businesses.”

The CorrectEnglish writing team outlined “10 of the Most Common Writing Errors”?students make:

Misspellings – Students should proofread their work so they can correct misspellings. Texting has made this problem even worse.

Proper nouns capitalization – It can be confusing for students to know when to capitalize, especially younger students.

Problems with subject/verb agreement – A singular noun needs to be paired with singular verb.

Incomplete sentences (fragments) – A complete sentence needs a noun and a verb. Students often forget to complete their sentences

Run-on sentences – More and more, students are forgetting punctuation and jumbling sentences together – like they do with texting.

  • Common word mistakes – When to use its or it’s? They’re, their, there??Lose or lose??Affect or effect??Two, to, too??Weather or whether??Then or than?

Misuse or lack of commas – A series of nouns or adjectives needs commas.

Inconsistent tense – Is the writer using past, current, or future tense??The tense needs to be consistent.

  • Plot summaries instead of analyses – Students take up writing space by writing summaries instead of using critical thinking to analyze a piece.

Quoting instead of paraphrasing – Students know they can lengthen an essay by adding full quotes instead of paraphrasing, in order to meet word count requirements.

Take some time to think about it. We get a little lax in our writing and our grammar when we’re in a hurry. Let’s get back in the habit of good sentence structure and good grammar.