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“When Did We Lose Our Voices?”

By Staff | Jul 21, 2015

To the Editor:

When did we lose our voices?

We have a Community Center that is beautiful beyond belief and seems to be having success in bookings. It is a nice addition to our community. My chief complaints is it didn’t go out for VOTE in the community.

We got to VOTE if the Casino should be built and it created a sense of ownership to the community. Some were for and some against, but we were all willing to accept the outcome.

We VOTED if the Wellness Center should be built and people got behind it and donated once the vote was counted. The Shores is a done deal and will be supported by the community, but there will always be that feeling it was done without the voice of the community.

And here we go again! A lagoon that is being designed and the fiber network the city is attempting to approve. We have people being assessed for street repairs and yet the city is wanting to build a Lagoon on the lake with a “C” store that will compete against HomeTown, and will not pay the taxes our community needs to keep it going. The city has already spent unknown dollars for an architect’s drawing as to what it should look like.

The city is wanting to “bring fiber to each home” and get into the telecommunications business when we already have fiber to businesses provided by local communication/ telecom companies in our area.

There have been meetings with surrounding cities who have explained the large amount of money for the start-up and ongoing cost due to the constant change in technology. The city has already approved to spend $12,500 on the feasibility study.

For all of you that are being assessed for street repairs in front of your homes and businesses, why can’t the money being earmarked for a Lagoon or a city telecommunications company, both who will compete against current local business, go to assessment relief. Or, all of us who have had our property taxes raised, why can’t the money go towards property tax relief? And by the way, what ever happened to the LOCAL OPTION TAX money we voted on years ago to go towards infrastructure for our city? Doesn’t that include streets?

I am all for growing our community but why not encourage entrepreneur’s to come into our community to build these businesses? Why are we competing against our local businesses and the taxes they generate? There has got to be people out there, given the right incentives that would come to our community to build new businesses. Why not spend the money looking for these people? It would grow our community with the business, the people and the taxes needed to improve our community!

Just my humble opinion!

(signed) Gennifer L. Scott

Emmetsburg, IA