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Supervisors: Stop Dragging Your Feet

By Staff | Jul 21, 2015

A letter to the citizens of

Palo Alto County,

I am so upset at the non-actions of our Board of Supervisors. I work for Palo Alto County, as a Jailer and drive ambulance for the Hospital. The Supervisors have been dragging feet for way to long. Unfortunately they think that the Sheriff’s department is a joke.

We have a serious need for help in both the Dispatch and Jail. We are a 24/7 operation. We have 3 full time employees in each department, with part timers to cover the weekends. Most of the part timers have full time jobs. We have lost people because they have either found full time employment with benefits or the ones that have full time jobs cannot work 7 days a week. We have some great employees that have stuck it out and have put in many hours to try to cover all the needs. Part time people can only average 28 hours a week, but with the shortage some of the part timers are putting in crazy hours and working full time to support their families. Some of the Dispatch employees are only getting 2 days off a month.

The Sheriff wants to alleviate the problem by adding 1 full time employee in each department. That would decrease the need for part time people. We have to go to extensive training for our jobs and it is costly for the county. But it is also costly when the part time people don’t stay because they have found a job with benefits or they just can’t work 7 days a week!!!!!

The Supervisors answer was to give part time people more money (NO BENEFITS) to get people to stay and work 7 days a week. We just got through fighting the Supervisors for a raise this year, and then they suggest giving part time people more money for working weekends???? What a slap to the face for those people that work full time. It is not about the money, it’s about good honest hard working people that have families and need time off. We were asked about their offer of more money and it was shot down. We do not want to modify our contract.

Ron Graettinger suggested saving money by making us pay back the cost of training if we don’t stay with the job for a set amount of time??? Really??? Are they serious??? Who would apply for that? And are they going to make this standard for all County workers?? Linus Solberg said that they tried to help, but we voted against it, that we should meet them in the middle. So they the supervisors should do nothing. Another slap to the face!!!

Now they want to meet with Emmet County to see what they would do in this situation???? Really?? They have no faith and no support of our own County. They are seeking advice from another county that has no idea what our needs are. How does that look for our County? Should we get rid of Palo Alto County Supervisors and have surrounding counties make the decisions for us??

The Supervisors have no clue what our needs are!! Nor do the surrounding counties.

We are a dedicated group of people that work hard to keep our community and County safe. We are here for you 24/7!! We may be small but we still have the same needs as a larger city.

This has been going on for a month now. Sheriff Lynn (Schultes) has given them above and beyond information that the supervisors have asked for and every week they put us off. Not important enough for them.

So I say to you Supervisors stop dragging your feet and treating us like we don’t matter. If it was another department of the County you would be all over it.

Tired of feeling like a joke,

(signed) Teresa Holdefer

Emmetsburg IA