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Trucks Should Use By-Passes

By Staff | Jul 16, 2015

To the Editor:

I now realize that I am not the only one who is offended by the awful truck traffic here. Thank you Margay Grose! You wrote what we are all thinking, “Make Downtown More Pedestrian Friendly.”?I, too, am wondering why these big trucks are not using the by-passes on the north and south of town. It should be a fine if they don’t. I believe those roads cost millions of dollars. Let’s be using them. There should be signs erected to direct them and then give them a warning if they still continue to go through town (or 25th St.) We have about 100 a day go by our house that could turn at the south by-pass.

The east/west traffic on Main Street is very dangerous for pedestrians. I think a 4 way stop at Main and Lake (by Hughe’s) is a definite need. It would slow everyone down. With the limited parking at the bakery it is scary getting in our out of your car, and darn near impossible to cross the street.

The Police Chief has made an honest effort to check speeders on 25th Street, but as soon as he leaves, they are too fast again. We have lots of walkers by here and small children on the corner. I think a meeting is needed to see what changes can be made, before someone is seriously injured.


(signed) Sue Zwemke

Emmetsburg, IA

P.S. If you think grass clippings clog up the sewers, you should see the residue from bales that go by!