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Re: Public Safety

By Staff | Jul 16, 2015

To the Editor:

Citizens are complaining about the numbers of 18-wheelers driving through downtown Emmetsburg. Millions of dollars were spent for paving; routing traffic around the city to make it easier for the big rigs to avoid traffic and stop lights.

Count the number of trucks that choose not to use the by-pass routes coming from the east, south, and west on highways 4 or 18. Isn’t it dangerous for pedestrians when a “brig rig” need two lanes to make that 90-degree turn the corner at the stop lights downtown?

In the United States, 40 tons is the maximum allowable legal gross vehicle weight without a permit. That’s heavier than a Sherman Tank.

Isn’t the city liable in the event of a lawsuit resulting from a tragic accident if the court rules the city was negligent for not enforcing the traffic laws? Has City Leadership done all it can to mark those routes with appropriate “way signs.” Has City Leadership pushed state officials to take action since 18 and 4 are state highways?

Taxpayers have a right to complain. Their tax dollars pay the salaries of city leaders responsible for public safety. Take your camera with you. The photos could support the complaints.


(signed) David E. Nixon

Emmetsburg, IA