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Reader Shares Points of Discussion

By Staff | Jun 25, 2015

To the Editor:

Just a few things we could be discussing in these pages, that effect our lives.

1 Are you aware that dangerous XL pipeline would be sending oil across our aquifers is mostly used by China, as they have bought up billions of dollars of “Trans Canada” oil company?

2 Our “American” media is owned by a handful of International corporations, who also are in the production of military weapons, and do lots of business selling to other countries.

3 I’m really distressed over beheadings, but our Saudi “friends” do their beheadings usually on Fridays.

4 I remember that my favorite Republican President Eisenhower found us in deep Do Do financially (like now) after WWII and got everyone busy and paying taxes with our new Super Highway and other infrastructure and led us out of debt. We should be putting in Super trains going 2 to 300 miles per hour and clear our skies somewhat. China has 14 thousand miles of those trains, and in the last 30 years has become a leading power. Some say, ahead of us!

5 You could start getting educated by reading a thin little book called “War is a Racket” by a once famous General Smedley Butler. It’s at the library and on your computer last I looked.

6 I’m a liberal democrat, wishing we were more European style.

7 We would save hundreds of billions of dollars per year on health costs if we went to European and Canadian style and (Israeli style, since the 60s).

Look it up folks, and tell us what you think.


(signed) Shirley Baas Leverenz

Emmetsburg, IA