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Thank You, Emmetsburg Area

By Staff | Jan 28, 2014

Dear Emmetsburg,

The Riviera Theatre would like to thank all of you for your support, especially:

1. Those that have signed up as merchants or supporters for the merchant movies.

2. Those that have advertised on our screen before movies.

3. The Emmetsburg Schools that have Wednesday early outs and support our kids movies.

4. All who have attended movies at the Riviera Theatre.

5. Those of you who stop in to purchase movie theatre popcorn.

All of this support has made our decision to keep the Theatre open and upgrade the equipment a positive one. We look forward to many more years of having the Riviera Theatre open in Emmetsburg.

(signed)?Steve and Greg Hoyman

PS: If you have not come out to see a movie, please do so! Also,visit us at www.emmetsburgmovies.com time to view the movie schedule.