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Adding Up The “Thank You’s”

By Staff | Jan 7, 2014

To the Editor:

Merry Christmas and

Happy New Year!!

I have noticed that all too often the words “Thank You” are not offered after purchasing an item or completing a transaction at a business. Many times instead we hear “Have an awesome day” or “There you go.” How often do we feel that our time and money spent at a business are valued?

I decided to try an experiment. The experiment began on the day after Thanksgiving (November 28th) and continued through the day after Christmas (December 26th). Whenever I went to a store (retail, restaurant, convenience store, fast food, etc.) and I was told “Thank You” I would donate $5.00 to a worthy cause.

I kept a tally of how many times I heard those 2 words.On December 27th I added up the number of “Thank You’s” I received and the amount I am going to donate to a worthy cause is..$35.00.

What does this mean? This means:

Of all the stores I did business in for that month, I only received 7 thank yous. Trust me, I went into more than 7 businesses during the month and some of those that I did shop in I went to more than once during the month!!

I wish I could donate more money but it is what it is. Unfortunately, the act of thanking a customer is not practiced as much as it should be.

I have chosen to donate the $35.00 to Emmetsburg Community Schools Scholarship Fund.

Sincerely, (signed)

Kim Campbell, Emmetsburg, IA