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We All Need To Come Together

By Staff | Nov 26, 2013

Letter to the Editor

Dear fellow citizens of Emmetsburg. Thank you for supporting Proposition D to bring a locally owned telecommunications utility to Emmetsburg on Nov. 5, 2013. 54.13% of the voters approved Proposition D. This is very encouraging. The fact that only 27 additional YES votes would have passed this key initiative means that EMU’s efforts to bring a locally owned telecommunications utility to Emmetsburg is the right thing to do.

The trustees of the Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities believe this is one of the most important issues that our community has had to consider in many years. We have a chance to vote for Progress for Emmetsburg. Hopefully we will soon have another chance to Vote for the betterment of our community. We have a chance to take back control of our future. Emmetsburg is our home and like many small rural communities we have lost population and have struggled to compete to retain residents and businesses. However, in the last decade or so Emmetsburg has been blessed to have been impacted by many positive events that have allowed us to hold our ground economically. The telecommunication utility is a chance to continue to build on our positive momentum.

Not only will a successful vote in the future bring a locally owned telecommunications utility back to Emmetsburg, it will also retain revenues generated by this utility here at home. These revenues can be used to repay any debt obligations issued to build the utility. These revenues can also be used to support many other key issues in our community.

If you had the chance to attend the community meeting on Oct. 23, 2013 you would have learned that this new utility will bring local service, improved offerings and competitive pricing to our community. We are hoping that additional community meetings in the future and open, educational conversations about the many benefits this effort will provide will convince the voters who had questions to support future efforts in this area.

In addition, the concern about property tax needs to be visited. When this telecom is up and running this issue will be resolved. Lower telecom rates due to competition will more than offset any potential increase. The facts are there in towns that have chosen to do this in Iowa. Don’t be put off by scare tactics. As we have said, Emmetsburg is our home and we also pay property taxes and each trustee supports this effort 100% percent. We have heard from many people who have great questions that need to be answered. Our goal is to answer these questions and help understand why this is so important for the future of Emmetsburg.

Once again, revenues generated by this telecom utility will be retained locally to be reinvested locally. When these revenues are reinvested locally we all “WIN”. We ask that you support these efforts to grow our community and be progressive. If we sit still as a community we will could suffer the fate of many small rural towns. Emmetsburg needs this to compete and thrive. This is an investment in our future and we need to make this investment.

Help Emmetsburg help itself. Once again, thank you to the 54.13% majority that have voted in favor of this project. We ask that you please support future efforts to bring a locally owned telecommunications utility to Emmetsburg. Attend informational sessions, ask questions and get involved. WE ALL NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR COMMUNITY.

(signed)?Emmetsburg Municipal

Utilities Board of Trustees

Rick Brennan

Paul Saxton

Nick Steinkamp

Deb Davis

Lori Schneider