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Support For Palo Alto County Conservation

By Staff | Apr 18, 2013

Dear Editor:

We, the Palo Alto County Conservation Foundation board, would like to express our support of the Palo Alto County Conservation board and their contributions to our quality of life in Palo Alto County.

The Conservation board provides numerous education programs for our students on conservation topics including recycling, protection of our water quality, and information about the area wildlife and plant life.

The Conservation board is also responsible for our county parks and recreation areas. These areas are used by our county’s residents, as well as non-residents from the other Iowa counties, and from other states. These non-residents stay in local motels, purchase fuel from local fuel dealers, eat in local restaurants, and buy fishing and hunting supplies from local merchants.

The Conservation Board’s budget was recently reduced for the next fiscal year starting July 1, and there was discussion of a much greater reduction. We urge our Supervisors to reconsider the budget cuts, and not make further cuts to the Conservation Board. We encourage residents to express their support for our Conservation Board and the many contributions it has been made to our quality of life in Palo Alto County.



Phil Andreasen (Chairperson)

Helen Augustine

Ray Brown

Jim Carpenter

Maureen Horsley

Julie Nelson

Laura Petersen