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Lights Out

By Staff | Feb 5, 2013

A power failure at the Super Dome in New Orleans was the ultimate Super Bowl malfunction. Janet Jackson’s costume malfunction can now be ranked second place.

One of the first comments from our group when the power went out:?”I’d be scared to death.”?Thoughts quickly turned to 9/11. What does that say about our society today?

As it turned out, the power failure seemed to provide a shift in the game and nothing more.

We had been watching the game, then someone from another room brought up the race in the Coke commercials. It dawned on me — we had not been watching the commercials! We always watch the Super Bowl commercials and there have been some great ones over the years.

But Sunday, we (my sister-in-law and I) did not see any of the commercials in the first half of the ball game. We watched Beyonce at halftime, trying to decide if she was actually singing. We had already decided she really sang the National Anthem.

Then, when we did start watching commercials, there were a number of promotions for CBS shows. The tribute to the military and the tribute to farmers were good, but I can’t tell you who sponsored those spots. I had to get to work Monday morning to hear about the great commercials of the night.

This year’s Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers was a real contest. Most of the post-season games were great and went right down to the wire. That makes watching football a lot of fun — nail biters, right down to the end.

My favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday is the Puppy Bowl. A couple of weeks ago there was a piece on a Sioux City news broadcast that showed three puppies from a Northwest Iowa shelter who would be participating in the Puppy Bowl. At that time, they said one of the puppies had already been adopted.

One of those puppies, Marta, was named the MVP?(Most Valuable Puppy). A little schnauzer/beagle mix, Marta made her way through a tangle of legs – dogs much bigger than she – and even scored a touchdown.

Reading about the Puppy Bowl online, I learned that shelters see a big spike in adoptions surrounding Puppy Bowl. There were 63 puppies from shelters around the country who participated in the Puppy Bowl. In the past, all have been adopted and this year is no exception.

“These puppies get scooped up quickly. We’ve teamed up with petfinder.com that will match viewers to puppies in their area,” said Daniel Schachner, Puppy Bowl referee.

Marta came from the adoption organization AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport in DeSoto.

In addition to the 63 puppies playing “football,” there were nine hedgehog cheerleaders, hamsters in the overhead blimp, 21 kittens in the halftime show, and even tailgating pups.

So, it’s lights out on another season of football. Now what are we going to watch?