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The Final Countdown

By Staff | Nov 6, 2012

In the world of rock music, the group “Europe” released a song a few years back titled “The Final Countdown.” Not a bad tune, it made for great stadium theatrical rock, with pyrotechnics, smoke, and of course, LOUD, but it was a catchy tune none-the-less.

Now, here we are, Election Day Thankfully, we are in the final countdown of what has to be one of the most contentious, bitter, acrimonious election campaigns in recent memory. Sadly to say, it hasn’t only been at the national level. There have been plenty of controversial races around the area for various positions on the ballots, which seems to send some kind of message.

The problem is, I’m not all that sure just what that message is.

At the national level, current polling, depending on which news organization you happen to be tuned in to at the time, has the Presidential election at as close to a draw as you’d want.

Now, isn’t that interesting? No matter what one side says about the other, the other has an equivalent comeback. Go figure. It’s just like little kids on the playground.

Then there are the Congressional and Senatorial races. More of the same. This candidate has a plan. The other candidate doesn’t. But, the first candidate doesn’t say what their plan is, and the second candidate says they’ll listen to the voters. Go figure.

At the state level, the factor that comes into play for our statehouse elections is the mandated re-districting that was completed last year in accordance with the Code of Iowa. New districts were drawn and the voters are learning about people they’ve never heard of before. Kind of hard to trust someone you’ve only met once at the coffee shop.

That re-districting carries over to our local county elections. Re-districting of our county supervisor districts created one district pitting current supervisor against their fellow supervisor, and left one district with no incumbent, but two political newcomers competing for a seat on the board.

And then there is the race for county sheriff. Four candidates are vying for the office, in a campaign that has seen its share of advertising and mailing blitzes over the past few weeks as the candidates work to get their message out before the county’s voters for consideration before today.

When the election passes, our world may seem a whole lot calmer and quieter. One thing I will not miss will be the daily phone calls from research firms wanting to know my opinions on the upcoming presidential election.

We have a duty as citizens to vote, to speak our mind with our vote, and yet, some fear that negative campaigns may drive voters away. The only answer in such cases is to speak out with your vote. If you haven’t done so yet, go to the polls. The polls are open until 9 p.m. tonight.

Cast your ballot. Good men and women have died so that you can do so. Don’t ignore your opportunity to stand and be counted, if not for you, for those who gave all for our right to vote freely.