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Grassley Endorses Megan Hess

By Staff | Oct 25, 2012

To the Editor:

It is without hesitation I endorse Megan Hess as your next State Representative in the newly re-drawn House District 2 covering all of Palo Alto and Clay Counties and the southern part of Dickinson County.

Megan worked in my U.S. Senate office, U.S. Representative Steve King’s office and at the White House under President George W. Bush. During college and law school she worked in the Iowa and Minnesota legislatures and now works for Hemphill Law Office in Spencer. So, she’s no stranger to hard work with her passion for serving the public.

Megan works tirelessly and her heart and mind is focused on representing hard-working Iowans. She listens to people, is not shy about voicing her beliefs and she understands the issues important to us. She’s been knocking on doors visiting with folks, attending pancake breakfasts and community meetings and events to get to know us better so she can be an effective Representative in Des Moines.

She has dedicated her campaign to principles of smaller government, empowering our communities and sound fiscal policies to promote a strong economy in Iowa to allow jobs to grow and our families to thrive.

Please cast your vote for Megan Hess on Tuesday, Nov. 6


(signed)?Senator Chuck Grassley

P.S. – The Iowa House members need to work together and to do what is in the best interest for Iowa. Megan Hess understands this and can help achieve this in Des Moines.