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Make A Difference

By Staff | Oct 18, 2012

To the Editor:

We get the opportunity to make a difference this election by using our voting privilege to decide whether we can operate with 3 supervisors.

Some facts to consider in response to recent paper articles: 58 counties in Iowa operate with 3 supervisors, of which 40 are larger than our population of 9421. Story County operates with 3 supervisors with a population of 89,663 or one voice for 29,887 residents. 3 supervisors here would be 1 voice for 3,140, up from 1 voice for 1884. WOW! Only 3,140 to Story County’s 29,887.

Maybe Story County should have 47 supervisors. Reducing to 3 supervisors would SAVE US 2 part time job salaries of $24,734 plus health insurance coverage for 2 part timers of $13,968, plus the extra mileage and miscellaneous for 2 for a savings of 80,000 plus dollars — approximately $8.50 per resident.

It is time to start taking our county back for our children from the bottom up. We know it cannot be done from the top down.

Let’s start protecting the next generations. Your Choice!

(signed)?Roger L. Hanish

Emmetsburg, IA