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Support For Candidate Todd Suhr

By Staff | Oct 9, 2012

Dear Citizens of Palo Alto County,

What if you were in charge of hiring someone to manage your company, to work side by side with you, or to protect your family and property??You wouldn’t care about the person’s political party or religious affiliation. You wouldn’t even pick your best friend if he/she were less qualified! You would look at their resume and choose the person with the most experience and knowledge who would step right in and take charge.

Well, we have that opportunity and responsibility this election year as we “hire” a new sheriff for Palo Alto County. Todd Suhr is the only candidate with 28 years of dedicated service and experience in all levels of law enforcement. Todd has a proven record of investigation and convictions. Todd has experience in office administration. Todd has worked with and developed a good relationship with all branches of law enforcement. Todd deeply cares about public safety as well as each individual person in the county.

Todd Suhr would be able to seamlessly keep the Sheriff’s office running efficiently. Time is money and Todd doesn’t need a costly learning curve. He’s ready now to be Palo Alto’s Sheriff. Compare the candidates’ resumes, take politics and personal biases out of it, and it becomes clearly obvious that the best, most experienced, most dedicated candidate is Todd Suhr.

Hire Todd Suhr for Palo Alto County Sheriff.

(signed)?Sharon and Jim Neighbors

Ruthven, IA