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Support For Candidate Darrin Adams

By Staff | Oct 4, 2012

Dear Editor:

I am encouraging everyone to vote for Darrin Adams for Palo Alto County Sheriff. I’ve had personal experience with Darrin in regards to the many lectures he gave to our student body at North Iowa in Buffalo Center, his home town, and Iowa Lakes Community College while I was a student. He had a positive impact on many of the students in regards to speaking about alcohol and drugs.

I have a special attachment to Darrin in regards to him saving the life of one of my family members. My Uncle had a heart attack at McDonald’s and if Darrin Adams had not been there to assist with life saving measures for over 40 minutes, my Uncle wouldn’t be alive today.

Being a person our community can look up to and trust is what Darrin Adams exemplifies by his actions in his personal and professional life. Honest, fair, personable, charismatic and hard working are the words I would use to describe Darrin’s character.

Please take the time to vote this election and make the right choice; the only choice for Sheriff; Darrin Adams.

Sincerely, (signed)?Ashley O’Connor

Emmetsburg, IA