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By Staff | Sep 25, 2012

Dear Editor:

Could someone please tell me what the intent of our county engineer is? The reason I am asking is because of the roads he is constructing, supposedly according to the AASHTO Plan. That is a nationally accepted plan, and what we have is far from the plans I am seeing for AASHTO plans on low volume roads.

The plan I see is 11-foot lanes, we have 10; 2-foot shoulders, we have none; 1:4 slope we have 1:6 which is about 45 degree angle down. We had 3-foot ditches and now we have 6-foot deep ditches.

Several of the top officials of this county have agreed these roads are very dangerous the way they are constructed. Is the intent towards the people that live and work on these roads to have accidents and maybe even get killed? What is his problem? He will not even work with us that pay his salary. Farm machinery could meet before, not now because it is a one-way road.

All those I have talked to agree that these roads are unsafe. Sad part is we had a good road before with 3-4 foot shoulders to serve as a safety measure. Where is the safety factor that the constitution says we are supposed to have? (Iowa Constitution, Article one, Section one. That is one of our rights. Also in Section two the government is stated for the protection and security and benefit of the people whenever the public good may require it.)

Supervisors, you are just as guilty by letting this type of construction go on. Why is this $90,000 man borrowing 11 million dollars under your noses and then go and ruin perfectly good roads?

I was asked by the engineer, “how would I change the road?” I told him by lowering the grader blades and widening the road would take care of the problem. We don’t need roads 4-feet higher than the abutting fields. But, by complaining about the condition, we get just as much concern about safety from a wooden indian with folded arms outside a cigar store. There seems to be absolutely no concern about the safety for anyone in the rural area.

Now the recent county pavement construction jobs are very good. They have 24-foot roadway 6-8 foot shoulders and a shallow slope. That is great for safety and that is why the roads were built that way.

But why are people living and working on secondary roads treated like second class people? Safety measures, for example, are the same at airports, whether there are 200 people or 20. Seems here we are the only ones being judged unworthy of safety measures, like having 2-foot shoulders put on our roads. That is all I am asking for. Actually our roads are now 6-8 narrower and 4-foot deeper ditches than before.

Supervisors, you were elected by us to do the best job possible. Most of you do. However, supervisors, your job is to hire someone that has knowledge and common sense and will get along with the public and work with them as well as work with the county employees. We do put our trust in you and that is why you were elected in the first place. However, maybe you need to start all over again with someone that understands and has concern for others and also understands he works FOR and not against the supervisors and rural people that live and work on secondary roads.

(signed) Tillford Egland

Cylinder, IA