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Acts of Kindness

By Staff | Aug 30, 2012

The American flag was tattered and torn, yet still flew in the summer breeze. It needed to be replaced.

Senator Kibbie was at the table and volunteered, “I think we have one at home.” So a new flag was brought to the golf course.

It was a bi-partisan effort to put the new flag on the pole. John Kibbie and John Spies were up to the task. First, get the old flag down. The rope that hoists the flag to the top of the pole was not connected to any type of pulley mechanism. It was just a rope. The two guys named John did their best without benefit of a ladder. Then along came another, John Brown – and soon another friend, Mike Hermanson. They found a ladder, removed the old flag, put up the new flag and all was right with the world…perfectly balanced with Democrats and Republicans completing the job in harmony.

Thanks for this act of kindness.

We received a call at the newspaper about a beautiful fall garden at the Art Weir Memorial. So we went to take a look.

Marigolds and moss roses, cosmos and gaillardia are all in bloom. There are a couple of rose bushes, a few day lilies and grasses and hosta. There are a couple of nice green plants that I cannot name at the moment. All are blooming at that tranquil lakeshore spot north of the railroad trestle.

We were told that Sharon Roberts and Judy Nixon have tended that flower garden surrounding the memorial stone. Thank you, ladies, for your act of kindness. The scene is especially beautiful as the sun sets on Five Island Lake.

Kudos go to those who have tended the flower pots downtown Emmetsburg. Our bright pink petunias provide a great welcoming statement when driving through town. It hasn’t been easy to maintain flower or a vegetable garden this season. A little TLC goes a long way.

We certainly are a busy little community these days. There is an absolute parade of trucks downtown as they put down a brand new surface on a portion of Main and Broadway. It’s going to be so smoooooth!

On the north edge of town, the biking and hiking trail gets longer each day. We’re all anxious to use this new trail, but we’re advised to stay off the freshly poured concrete until it is dry.