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By Staff | Aug 28, 2012

The other night while wasting time scrolling through the seemingly endless posts and pictures on Facebook I came across the post that left me speechless.

As you may know President Obama made a few stops in Iowa last week, one being at the Iowa State Fair. The post said there were more people flipping the President the bird than showing him any form of respect while he walked around the fair.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I don’t care what your political stance is he’s the President of the United States of America. Doesn’t that warrant some form of respect?

I thought maybe this only upset me, so I brought it up at lunch with a few friends. They all shared my dissatisfaction, though we don’t necessarily share the same political views. One friend said it made us look “like a bunch of backward hillbillies with no class”. Is that how we want to represent Iowa?

When did we become a society that doesn’t show respect to our President? I can’t imagine it was always like this. Maybe we can blame technology or the Internet. Maybe we should blame each other.

The next day a friend posted a picture of themselves with President Obama in Cedar Falls at the Pump Haus, a bar on Main Street. The group was smiling and enjoying the fact that the President was having a beer and posing for pictures with them.

This would have been my reaction. Actually, I probably would have been too shy to do anything, at least until I got this job. I’d like to think I would have said hello to our president and asked to take a picture with him. I mean, how often does that happen in a lifetime?

I don’t care what your political affiliation is, or your views on the issues or even if you did or did not vote for him. I’m not trying to start any kind of political debate. He’s the President of this great nation. It’s not an easy job, nor one that I would ever want. I think that at least for the years he’s in office we can show him the respect the title deserves.

Amid all the political ads and all the hate in the world, I suggest we take the high road and show everyone a little respect. Whether you’re in office, running for office or just the Average Joe on the street let’s live by the “Golden Rule” and treat everyone how you want to be treated. The world just might become a better place.