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Picture The Possibilities

By Staff | Aug 2, 2012

To the Editor:

I support the Concerned Citizens of Emmetsburg’s plan for the 5000 square foot South Bay Community Center. As Pete Hamilton described it, I began to see it.

Can you picture this?

Picture a 5,000 square ft. log/stone type building with windows facing the lake. A big terrace/porch across the front. It looks something like a state park building (to complement Kearney State Park). A path down to lake. A gas pump/dock for boats to purchase gas and to park. Some gardens and play area on grounds.

Inside:?picture a large rectangular area. Picture four corners. Front corners have seating by windows. Back corner has small bar and grill. Other back corner has space for proshop, card tables, pool table. On back north wall area, restrooms.

Can you picture it?

Respectfully submitted (with appreciation to the planners who have devoted much time to a community center plan).

(signed)?Judy Nixon

Emmetsburg, IA