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Reader Says: “An Excellent Idea”

By Staff | Jul 12, 2012

To the Editor:

The Alternate Proposal for a Community Center outlined in the July 3, 2012 Letter to the Editor written by Pete Hamilton has many interesting and exciting ideas about how such a Center might be designed and used by the local population, our neighbors, our guests, and folks who would like to join our little community.

I realize that many people in administrative, volunteer, and organized groups have put a lot of time and effort into the current plan for a 2.5 million dollar building and they should be proud of their ground breaking efforts. But the 10 points that Mr. Hamilton outlines in the “Concerned Citizens’ Proposal” are so clearly expressed, make so much sense, and still continue the basic plan for the Community Center leads me to completely change my mind about the whole idea of the Center.

When I first learned of the proposal and the price tag at that time was 5 million and lately 2.5 million, I was totally opposed to the project and saw no merit for anyone in building what Mr. Hamilton described as “a building that will be too costly to build, too expensive to maintain, and very likely be underutilized.”

To spark interest in a place where we can showcase our beautiful lake, where we can save trees with a smaller more utilized building, a dock, a deck, a place built with saved funds (so wisely channeled by the City management) a place for young and old, for the active and inactive, for liberal as well as conservative minded folks, well now that is something to start to consider as a relevant, appealing, and appropriate proposal.

I hope all will start to dream about how such a charming project might turn into something that we all want to stand behind, that we all want to support, that we all might work together to make happen. Hopefully, considering the Alternate Proposal for a Community Center will win new advocates and result in an affordable, workable, usable, appropriate place we can all enjoy.

(signed) Karen Ruddy,

Retired Citizen of

Emmetsburg, IA