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Garden Produce Not Public Property

By Staff | Jul 12, 2012

To the Editor:

I was so happy that, with the help of my friends Dan and Linda Umbrell, I was able to have a plot at the Community Gardens. I planted lettuce, radishes, beets and two pounds of onion sets. The lettuce was great, beets are coming along and onions were wonderful.

Each week I would go down and pull 8 to 10 onions. Early on July 2 I went and pulled fresh onions to put in potato salad I was making for a family get together on the 4th.

Hot weather was upon us and as I usually did not go to the garden on weekends, my next trip to get onions and check on the beets was Monday, July 9.

I could have cried when I got to my plot. Someone had pulled and stolen all three rows of my onions. So much or me enjoying my garden produce.

I had heard there were several plots not spoken for, so it would have been nice if the onion lover would have planted his own produce.

I will be 83 before next planting season arrives so it will be decision time to see if I plant a garden again, especially if I feel someone will steal it.

(signed)?Lois Jurries

Emmetsburg, IA