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“Thank You” From Brazilian Rotary Team

By Staff | Jul 3, 2012

Emmetsburg Community:

We were very happy to have the opportunity to visit your country, the state of Iowa and the beautiful and welcoming city of Emmetsburg. It was very important for us to have experienced your local culture as well as learning about Rotary in the USA. This, we will take back and share with our clubs in Brazil.

As Rotarians in Brazil, the USA, or in any part of the world, social inequalities concern us and we are always ready to work on projects that would impact communities, ours as well as yours.

We appreciate the effort and dedication of our fellow Rotarians from the Emmetsburg Rotary Club whose work strengthened the relationship between our districts and our countries making it possible to have this wonderful international experience of Rotary on the road to Peace through Service.

Our sincere thanks to all of the individuals from the Emmetsburg community that very kindly welcomed us and demonstrated the qualities of the true Rotarian: Service Above Self THANK YOU!

(signed) Augusto and Lucia Scorza, Valerio and

Marcia Delamanha, Priscilla and Gustavo

Thomann, and Joaquim and Eliana Cardoso