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Keep Five Island Beach Beautiful

By Staff | Jul 3, 2012

Beach Trash, June 28, 2012)

Dear Editor:

Each day, when I walk my dog, we usually go through Soper Park, past the public swimming beach of Five Island Lake. I am always appalled at the amount of trash that is left behind after people have vacated the beach (and park).

This morning, I saw everything from larger items to endless small pieces of trash, in the sand and in the water, even though waste bins are provided near the bathhouse, a short distance away. It is clear evidence of careless irresponsibility by those who freely enjoy the precious beach God has provided and which is maintained by our city crews.

Many places would give anything to have a lovely lake and beach right in the middle of their city, like we do. In the future, I hope people will choose to keep our beach beautiful for all of us by taking the time to gather their trash and deposit it where it belongs before they go home.


(signed) Ruth Hand, Emmetsburg, IA