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Concerned Citizens’ Proposal

By Staff | Jul 3, 2012

An open letter to the residents of Emmetsburg: As chairman of the concerned citizens committee I want to take this opportunity to update you on the alternative proposal for a community center we will be presenting to the City Council on July 23, 2012.

Some members of our committee have visited several facilities in the area and spoke in some detail with the owners. We discussed with each owner the current proposal for a 10,000 square foot structure catering to weddings, family reunions and corporate outings. Each owner told us that based on their experience the type of project we described is too large and would not be utilized to the point of maintaining a positive cash flow. Specifically, they all said that the number of events projected would not be met and the income from each event would be less than projected. Based on those conversations and relying on our own experience we are now in the process of developing an alternative proposal.

Our Committee wants and will support a community center that is suited to the needs of the residents of Emmetsburg and Palo Alto County. We believe our proposed plan will enhance our community and lake in such a way that we can be progressive, practical, and proud of working together to achieve an important goal. Our proposal:

1. Will showcase our lake to Emmetsburg and residents of the surrounding area as well as visitors passing through town on the two major highways.

2. Will call for the building of a structure that has a smaller foot print and will save some of the Oak trees on the property.

3. Utilize more outdoor areas to enhance the beauty of the lake.

4. Will allow for expansion down the road if the need arises.

5. Would be less costly to build and maintain, freeing up several hundred thousand dollars for other community projects.

6. Use local contractors and suppliers for the construction of the center.

7. Provide adequate space to fill the needs of the golf course, as well as providing a family friendly atmosphere for non-golfers and families with small children.

8. Provide a dock and deck on the lake to enhance the lake experience for boaters, campers, and local residents.

9. Utilize a bar and grill, leased to a local restaurant owner, providing limited lake side dining.

10. Finally we are in favor of the development of a community center! We are against a building that will be too costly to build, too expensive to maintain, and very likely be underutilized.

We are asking for your input. If you have questions, concerns, or constructive ideas please call Pete Hamilton at 515-314-5284 (cell) or 712-415-1064 (home) or e-mail at phamilton@ mchsi.com

(signed) Pete Hamilton,

Concerned Citizens, Emmetsburg, IA