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Cancer Touches Everyone

By Staff | Jun 19, 2012

Relay for Life was this past weekend. Courthouse Square was filled with friends and neighbors, many of whom are cancer survivors. As one person stated, “We all know someone who has fought this disease.”

It’s true. We watched as our friends on the Team of Hope were at the front of the pack for the first lap. We listened as members of the Team of Hope told their stories of their personal fight against cancer. We saw a large group of survivors gather for a photo. They are our friends and we are happy they are here to say “I’m a survivor.”

There were some new features at Relay for Life this year that were pretty special. As in past years, there was a tent especially for survivors and their families. Adjacent to that tent was “Survivor Garden.” Sponsored by Saxton’s Greenhouse, there was a bench surrounded by flowers where survivors and their families could sit and relax for a bit. It was also a spot for a photo, which the Relay for Life committee sponsored. Survivors will receive a free photo from the committee.

The Butterfly Release was also pretty special. Sponsored by Kerber Milling, people purchased a butterfly (or two or three) in honor of a cancer survivor or in memory of someone who lost the fight.

When it was time to release the butterflies, everyone gathered with their triangular envelopes in hand. Gently, the envelope was opened and the butterflies magically “woke up” and took flight. It wasn’t a mass or butterflies taking off at one time, rather several taking flight at intervals. Some of the butterflies landed on people (I could feel one in my hair) and some rested in the grass a while before taking flight. It was hard not to pick them up and give them a boost skyward. It was even harder to watch where we were walking so they didn’t get stepped on.

When I saw the butterflies, the name “fritillary” came to mind. Then I looked it up and read that the fritillary (which is often confused with a monarch) is larger than the butterflies we released. And, the butterflies we released had a jagged or scalloped wing. So – it could have been a skipper, and maybe not. My mother would have known.

The entertainment was great. Jared Janssen had whole groups of young would-be jugglers gathered around. The singing and dancing was great, as usual. The kids scampered up the rock climbing wall, then ran over to dunk someone on the dunk tank. And the food was delicious. To top it off, the rain stayed away!

Relay for Life Committee:?you did a great job putting together a wonderful day. Survivors undoubtedly felt very special and Teams should feel very proud for all the work they did to raise funds for this very worthy cause.