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Do Your Duty

By Staff | Jun 5, 2012

Today, Tuesday, June 5, is Primary Election Day.

“Hmmm, that’s nice. Isn’t this a lovely day?”

Do the above lines sound familiar?

Did you by chance look at the calendar this morning and think about Primary Election voting, and then dismissed it with the old standard.”Ah, one vote won’t make a difference.”

If you answered yes to any of the above, you really should take a couple of moments to really think about this.

Granted, today is the Primary election which is designed to narrow a field of candidates for the upcoming November General elections.

Here in Palo Alto County, we are fortunate to have some contested Primary Elections where more than one candidate is running on the same political ticket thus creating the need for the Primary.

So why are we fortunate for this? Stop and think for a moment. If we had no one interested at all in representing their friends and neighbors in local government, we’d be in pretty sorry shape, wouldn’t we?

Consider this for a couple of moments what if an election was held and nobody ran for office Who would you vote for? How would you fill the offices?

Or better yet there’s an election with a full slate of candidates, and nobody shows up to cast a vote. What does that say to those who made the decision to run for office? The voters have no faith in you?”

Or does it mean the voters just don’t care?

OK, OK, I know, one answer to the above questions would be there would be no political phone calls or polls to disturb us, and you know what, I’d be in favor of that idea.

But back to the point.

What would our country be like if one of those scenarios had been in place back in 1776? The 13 colonies were tired of British rule without representation. In fact, it got so bad there were some hard feelings over it. That turned into the Revolutionary War the war for Independence from Great Britain.

All through our nation’s history, that idea of a government by the people for the people, has been something worth fighting, – and dying for. It continues today, with our service men and women serving in Afghanistan and other nations such as Iraq.

Remembering that concept shouldn’t be too difficult, as we just observed Memorial Day last week, honoring those who made the supreme sacrifice so that we might be able to take those five or ten minutes to cast that ballot today.

The idea of being a free nation has been worth battling over for over 200 years, and from all appearances, it will continue to be for a long time to come.

But, only if we continue to exercise that right and carry out our duty to cast a ballot in an election any election.

Yes, it’s a Primary Election not the General Election, but yet, it sends a message to a candidate that tells them if they are getting their message across to the satisfaction of the voters.

There are many candidates, all worthy of votes. Worthy, because they chose to put their own lives on hold for a bit to try and help their neighbors and friends by being a voice for many, and looking out for the interests of those neighbors and friends.

For some voters, however, if there are no contested Primary races on their declared party’s ballot, they simply don’t bother with turning out on Primary Tuesday, and that’s just a shame, pure and simple.

The right to vote in a free election whether it is a primary, school board or Presidential election is still a right to be zealously protected and cherished.

You may change your political party to vote in the Primary when you go to the polls, and you can change your party affiliation back whenever you wish.

But, most importantly Please vote it truly is the American way. And besides, we owe to those who have gone before us, too.