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Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!

By Staff | May 30, 2012

The stage at the Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theatre Performance Center is filled with children that look like they just stepped out of a Dr. Seuss book. They are rehearsing Seussical, Jr. — based on the Dr. Seuss book Horton Hears A Who.

Sitting in on rehearsal was an absolute delight. The first thing to take the eye is color. Vibrant colors are everywhere — yellow, orange, green, blue. The set is another page of a Dr. Seuss book — from the floor to the trees. What an innovative group of set creators and painters.

The Cat in the Hat (Olivia Gordon) leads this cast of nearly 50 children through an hour of dialogue and song. She is one of numerous, talented young people in the cast. Young Phoenix Campbell plays JoJo; Nick Grandstaff plays Horton; Mr. Mayor and Mrs. Mayor are played by Colton Johnson and Madison Schnetzer; Chloe Garman takes on the role of Gertrude McFuzz; and Avery Ringlaben is Mayzie LeBird. Sour Kangaroo and Young Kangaroo are played by Jordan Lange and Tatum Iverson. The Wickersham Brothers are Keagan Barrett, Robert Nelson, Eli Reichert, Chris VanHeuvelen, Wayne Barrett and Joel Chuning; Hunter Cother is Yertle the Turtle; and the Bird Girls are played by madison Schnetzer,Hunter Cother, Mary Nelson, Jordan Foxhoven, Alyssa Pettit, Hannah Malm and Hannah VanHeuvelen. Then there are over two dozen Citizens of Whoville.

Many of these young people have performed in previous Main Street shows. It’s exciting to hear how their voices have matured and their acting skills have improved. These seasoned, young actors are pretty amazing.

Back to Seussical — Remember the story of Horton Hears A Who? Horton the elephant hears voices coming from a spec of dust. He puts the spec on a clover and carries it about — listening intently. But, nobody believes Horton.

Nearly all of the cast of Seuss characters is on stage for the entire show. The faces of the Citizens of Whoville capture the audience as they line up at the front of the stage. And their hair is another page from a Dr. Seuss book.

The stage is remarkable, the lighting is wonderful, the music and singing are exceptional and the little faces smiling from the state are phenomenal. I know, I say this about just about every Main Street performance, and that’s basically due to the people behind the scenes, the directors, set construction and painting crews, sound design and lighting design. We truly have a talented and dedicated group of people at Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theatre.

Seussical, Jr. opens this weekend. There are six shows, so make it a point to attend. Those smiling little faces, their songs and their dances, will make you smile.?Guaranteed.

The opening song is “Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!” You will be smiling and thinking what a wonderful cast, what a wonderful show, all the way through.