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The Need To See Where Everyone Stands

By Staff | May 24, 2012

To the Editor:

I was extremely impressed with the information that Mr. Pete Hamilton brought forward in the Thursday, May 17 article about the proposed community center. He hit the nail on the head with his facts. The facts about the petition that had 450 signatures in opposition to the center, 82% of the community saying in a survey that this was not a priority and the decline in enrollment in our high school. Yes, I agree we need to tear down the old club house and build something to house a pro-shop and a club house, but to build a multi-million dollar Community Center to replace it? I don’t think so.

Why not put the money towards improving our downtown store fronts, pave roads that are still gravel within our city limits, improve the area around our lake to attract visitors to include the parking area at our city dock where many out of town people come to launch their boats and the east road where people walk and the city rents slips for citizens to place their boats.

Mr. Hoyman had a letter to the editor in that same issue about people being negative towards progress in our community. I agree with him, but there is a difference between being negative and people giving good, sound advice about projects that will improve our town. How will this multi-million dollar building improve our town or bring commerce to our town? How will it pay for itself? How will it make up the difference if we lose what the Casino is now very generously donating back to our county? How fair is it to the other communities in our county to selfishly build a building that would deprive them of the monies they receive from the Casino? How much money has been spent so far to architects and surveyors for this project?

Have some of our leaders lost touch with the people they are paid to represent? I think those of us who are going to foot the bill should be able to have the 45 days or a special election to see where EVERYONE stands on this project! ASK us! TALK to us! It is OUR money, Listen to what we want! Time for our City Council and Economic Development Director to start listening vs. promoting a project that the people have already told them they do NOT want!


Emmetsburg Citizen & Tax Payer,

(signed) Gennifer L. Scott