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Supporting The Candidates

By Staff | May 24, 2012

To the Editor:

If you’re a resident of Palo Alto County you’ve probably seen the large numbers of signs supporting candidates for the Office of Sheriff. In addition some have expressed their support for various candidates in letters to the editor. This is good. Residents should be pro-active in the selection of public officials.

I’m supporting and asking for your support of Todd Suhr, the Democratic candidate for Sheriff.

Reading previous editorials I note a common thread in regard to the candidates. Some have experience, others have less experience, but none with credentials and experience that Todd has to be Sheriff. He’s your best candidate. He is steadfast in dedication with 28 years of service in law enforcement. He’s well known in professional circles of law enforcement for his consistent leadership and efficiency in office management and administration. He’s genuine and sincere when working with the public, making Palo Alto County a safe place to live and work.

We have one candidate who retired and now has decided to run. State and Federal funding have been reduced significantly since his retirement and will require someone like Todd to monitor less money and still maintain an efficient law enforcement program. Other candidates seem to be nice people and responsible in their duties, but Todd’s 28 years of experience and his common sense approach when dealing with judges, lawyers, families and the public show real professionalism and determination to serve the people of Palo Alto County.

June 5, a Tuesday, is the day for primary voting. Ask for a Democratic ballot and vote for Todd Suhr.

Attention needs to be called for the opportunity to vote May 29 by satellite. Time 2 to 8 p.m. at the following locations:

Ayrshire Community Center

Graettinger Public Library

Mallard Community Center

Ruthven Social Center


(signed)?Bill Whiting

Ruthven, IA