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Todd Suhr For Sheriff

By Staff | May 22, 2012

I wish to express my support for Todd Suhr for Palo Alto County Sheriff. Todd and I have worked together since 1992, when he came to the sheriff’s office as a deputy and I as a reserve deputy. As a teacher, Todd was outstanding! He took the time to educate a real greenhorn, as I experienced some things I had no idea occurred in our calm, quiet community. Over the years I have come to know an individual who is sensitive, respectful and very supportive of individuals he works with on a professional and personal basis. In all the years we have worked together, I have never known Todd to be out of control, angry or disrespectful with the individuals he has dealt with, even when those experiences were very stressful.

Todd has made his work a top priority. Many hours of his personal time have been contributed to the people of Palo Alto County. This is evident with the number of arrests and convictions since 1992. A number of these cases have been adjudicated successfully on the federal level. His work often came at the expense of his personal life. Many of his family activities had to take a back seat because of his commitment to his job and the citizens of Palo Alto County. Todd was able to do this because of a very supportive and understanding wife, Kay, and two children.

Working with our present sheriff, Dennis Goeders, Todd has gained valuable experience in supervision and finances. These experiences along with his investigative ability, creative nature and concern for people make Todd a valuable asset to this county and its citizens. He would serve Palo Alto well as sheriff.

The biggest tribute I could give Todd is to tell you I would trust him with my family and my life.

(signed) Kenley Zwiefel

Fenton, IA