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Elect Todd Suhr

By Staff | May 22, 2012

To whom it may concern:

Hi, my name is Kevin Olson and I am currently the Chief Deputy for the Emmet County Sheriff’s Office. I have known Todd Suhr since 1995 when I first started my law enforcement career in Graettinger then with the Palo Alto Countly Sheriff’s Office. Todd was more than willing to help me with any questions or concerns I had as a young officer. Today I still can call Todd and he is always willing to help. He is an asset not only to the Sheriff’s Office but also to the citizens he serves.

I know from experience that Todd works well with other agencies and the public. I have had residents from both Palo Alto and Emmet County tell me that Todd will be a great Sheriff. I know he will continue with the same dedication as Sheriff Goeders. Todd has the experience and knowledge as well as a true concern for the people he serves and works with. The knowledge and experience as the Chief Deputy will help with his transition to Sheriff. I am confident Todd Suhr is ready to be the next Palo Alto County Sheriff and I would encourage you to vote for Todd in the Democratic Primary and General Election next fall. Thank you.

Respectfully, (signed)?Kevin Olson

Estherville, IA