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Todd Suhr For Sheriff

By Staff | May 15, 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to express my feelings regarding the upcoming election, and to lend my support to Todd Suhr as your next Palo Alto County Sheriff.

I look back with great pride at what all of law enforcement has accomplished over the past several years. There is still a lot to do, but major inroads have been created in making it safer for our families here in Palo Alto County. This has all been made possible because of unselfish teamwork and a dedication to you, the people we work for. This continued devotion to service needs to be the primarily goal of our new sheriff.

With this thought in mind, I am extremely confident in recommending Chief Deputy Todd Suhr as your next sheriff. Todd has been my very capable right hand from the beginning. His many years of hands-on experience in all facets of law enforcement make him an invaluable asset. He stands for integrity and dedication. Todd knows the value of teamwork to accomplish a task, and possesses genuine compassion for the many victims we encounter.

In summary, I believe Todd Suhr is the man who should be chosen as the next Palo Alto County Sheriff, and I?hope that you will give him your vote on election day.

Thank you,

(signed) Dennis J. Goeders, Sheriff, Palo Alto County

Emmetsburg, IA