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Schultes For Sheriff

By Staff | May 15, 2012

Dear Palo Alto County Residents,

As the June 5, 2012 primary election draws near, I encourage each and every one of you to vote for Lynn J. Schultes, Democratic Candidate for your Palo Alto County Sheriff.

As Lynn’s wife, I can personally speak of his dedication, good work ethic, and most importantly, his respect for all individuals. As a law enforcement officer, he is required to make a lot of sacrifices. On numerous occasions, Lynn has made decisions to make the Sheriff’s Office and his colleagues a priority, even though it may not have been in his family’s best interest. He spends countless hours working overtime to get the job completed and completed accurately.

Lynn works very hard to uphold the law while holding himself and those around him accountable to the highest standards. He always treats people fairly and with the respect they deserve and he will continue to do so as your Palo Alto County Sheriff. Lynn will work hard to lead by example and hold all of his employees to those same high standards.

As his wife of 23 years, I can attest to all that I have stated in this letter. He is very committed and loving husband as well as a loving father of five. He is as committed to his family as much as he is committed to his career.

I appreciate your support of Lynn J. Schultes for Palo Alto County Sheriff on June 5, 2012.

Thank you.


(signed) Beth Schultes, Emmetsburg, IA