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Lynn Schultes For Sheriff

By Staff | May 15, 2012

I would like to ask everyone in Palo Alto County to support Lt. Lynn Schultes for Palo Alto County Sheriff.

I have known Lynn and his wife Beth since they came to Emmetsburg in 1990 to begin his law enforcement career as an officer for the Emmetsburg Police Department. I was Coordinator for?Palo Alto County Emergency Management and E911 for 19 years. I was also reserve sheriff’s officer for several years during which time I?had the privilege of working with Lt. Schultes.

If I asked Lt. Schultes for assistance in tornado spotting, 911 or offering his assistance when off duty, he and his family were always willing to help. Many Palo Alto County residents I am sure have had the opportunity to meet Lt. Schultes at the sheriff’s office, in a 911 emergency, at an automobile accident, or request for home security checks (if you were to be out of town for a few days or months), at school events or at church events.

Lt. Schultes is always willing to help and is very polite. He is a very honest Christian man with high morals. He and his wife Beth have great children and are leading examples for them in their home.

This is a very important position. Lt. Schultes has the experience, knowledge and personality to operate the sheriff’s office. I assure you that Lt. Schultes will do the best job in preserving and protecting the people and property of Palo Alto County.

I urge you, no matter what “party” you belong to, please get out and Vote for Lt. Lynn Schultes.

(signed)?Jarrett Lee, former Palo Alto County

EMA and E911 Coordinator, Emmetsburg, IA