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The Happiest Jobs?

By Staff | May 1, 2012

I received an e-mail the other day from some technology firm that was sharing the results of a recently completed survey on what they claimed to be the 20 jobs in which workers were the happiest, and the corresponding salaries for those positions.

Normally, I’d just hit the delete button on something like that, but I have to admit that my curiosity got the better of me, so I went on to read the whole spiel. According to this survey, being a Software Quality Assurance Engineer, or the person who tries out new computer software to see if they can get it to mess up, pays a pretty hefty salary. Heck, give me enough time to play; I can screw up a program pretty darn good for a whole lot less!

Anyhow, the list of positions was developed after around 4-5,000 surveys were sent out around the country and an average of 4,000 responses were received to base the list on. I’m sharing the list of those 20 positions and the respective salaries with you just for the sake of conversation.

Top 20 “Happiest Employee” Jobs and Salaries

1 Software Quality Assurance Engineer $66,403

2 Executive Chef $58,735

3 Property Manager $49,034

4 Teller $26,928

5 Warehouse Manager $48,844

6 Administrative Assistant $34,872

7 Customer Service Representative $31,811

8 Accountant $47,931

9 System Engineer $68,747

10 Construction Manager $89,267

11 Human Resources Manager $67,997

12 Field Service Technician $45,062

13 Process Engineer $65,975

14 Financial Analyst $57,818

15 Software Engineer $69,691

16 Director of Operations $86,296

17 Loan Officer $56,627

18 Electrician $46,126

19 Machine Operator $31,156

20 System Administrator $59,226

There’s quite a range, isn’t there? I found it quite interesting that the professionals we rely on day after day to handle our money, bank tellers, are the lowest paid on the list, but yet, are the fourth happiest in their jobs, if one is to believe this survey. I also found it interesting that the highest paid position on the list, a construction manager, is right in the middle of the list in terms of job happiness.

I might have to think about conducting a survey in our area to see what kind of a list we could come up with here in our backyard. If you’d like to respond, feel free to drop me an email dvoigt@emmetsburgnews.com – I’ll respect your privacy and just list a job title and approximate salary. It might be kind of interesting to see just how the real world here in the heartland compares with the East and West Coast.