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Spring Things

By Staff | Apr 17, 2012

It was a celebration of Spring and about 100 of our friends and neighbors joined in that celebration at Five Island Golf last Saturday night.

The timing was right. People came from the Grand March at Emmetsburg High School for their own night on the town. People came to enjoy the award-winning barbecue. We are fortunate to have a couple of members of the Beach Bum BBQ team on the golf board. People came to have a little fun.

As an added bonus, people came out of the rain. Yes…rain! According to my rain gauge, we received about an inch and a quarter over the weekend.

It was fun to see the clubhouse filled with people having a good time. They laughed and talked and some even played a few games. Bean bag toss was set up in the ballroom and that drew some people in, but we didn’t have any takers for “pin the glove on the golfer.”

It was an evening out with one purpose: to have fun.

Some asked if it was an event to promote the community center concept. No, it was not. That involves another group of community volunteers. This event was hosted by the Five Island Golf Board, a group of volunteers appointed by Mayor Myrna. They provided the food and the fun (no city funds were spent).

Members of the Five Island Golf Board are:?Steve Finer, chairman; Marc Riley, vice chairman; Joni Cody, Corey Gramowski, Jane Whitmore, Dave Zimmerman and Dr. Kimberly Zimmerman. Vicky VanOosbree is the clubhouse manager.

I learned a few things about the clubhouse last Saturday night. When the golf course came to be, people paid green fees in a little yellow house behind the number one tee. An Emmetsburg family lived in that house and collected the monies. The current clubhouse was built in the 1940s. Two people told the same story, so it must be true.

And…the Spring rain was wonderful! Oh, how we’ve missed the lightning and thunder, the puddles of rainwater, and even the growing grass.

I saw a trio of black chickens marching across the green grass at an area farm this weekend. They, too, are enjoying Spring. Children are playing in the parks and there are boats on Five Island Lake. Life is good.