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Live Within The Means Of The Community

By Staff | Apr 10, 2012

Dear Residents,

There is a lot of talk about “change” being thrown around Emmetsburg and Palo Alto County. But what are we really discussing? I don’t think we are talking about “change” but a Community Center. The Community Center is a nice idea, but there are many questions. How much and how big of an investment is actually necessary to have a viable Community Center? Further, how about the operational costs of managing and running a viable Community Center? After completion, would this Community Center be in direct competition with local establishments such as; the Casino, the VFW, and the local churches? Is the Community large enough to support all?

If we really want to talk about “change”, how about the archaic ordinances that make individuals who live along a street pay for its upkeep? Why aren’t street improvements out of the city budget? We all use the streets in Emmetsburg. Why isn’t the City Administrator and City Council looking into these types of issues first?

What about the sewer plant and the water plant? Are these infrastructures up to standards for growth with in the community? What about the drainage issues that plague sections of Emmetsburg?

My point is we would all like to have a “Jaguar” or an” enclosed swimming pool”, but in fact we need a new roof on the house. Isn’t it more prudent to spend our limited funds on needed fundamentals, (a new roof) rather then on unnecessary and unaffordable luxuries, (a 2.1 million dollar Community Center)?

Let’s live within the means of the Community. Remember it is our tax dollars and grant money that you are spending. Let’s spend them wisely.


(signed) Bertha Mathis, Emmetsburg, IA