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“Move Our Community Forward”

By Staff | Apr 3, 2012

To the Editor:

I had many reasons for running for City Council and after years of contemplating I decided to go for it. Since then I have strongly supported moving this community toward becoming an “attraction” which will put us on the map. We have a beautiful lake and with the addition of Wild Rose Casino in our community, it only enhanced that exact thought.

Because of the Wild Rose, we are capable of “spearheading” projects that before were never conceivable. With this came the purchase of the lakefront property known as the Country Club. The City took ownership of the land from approximately the golf cart sheds to the west of the campground, along the road to the campground to Lawler, and south to Senator Kibbie’s property. In fact, the “golf course” remains on State of Iowa property and is only managed by the city.

Having “owned” this property for a couple of years and the constant upkeep on the present “clubhouse,” a taskforce (along with many community meetings) set out to come up with a better “idea” for the site which would benefit the City as a whole instead of just one use. From this came the current Community Center plan.

There seems to be a misunderstanding as to how said facility will be used. Obviously golf plays a part. But don’t be fooled – the days of the old “country club” atmosphere are no more! When the current facility is demolished later this summer, hopefully that will put that opinion to rest.

This plan has been criticized from one end to the other. It’s too big and expensive is the biggest complaint.

Is our town not good enough to own such a fine facility? I see no reason why not! This project will happen! Fundraising is in progress to see it through!

I compare this project to one done in the town of Springfield, MN. We are comparable in size and other aspects. They constructed a beautiful and large facility next to a tiny creek running through town. This facility is reserved out almost two years in advance for parties, weddings, meetings, etc., most of which are “out of towners.”

Our facility would sit on a lake and next to a golf course. Now that is location!

If we complete this project just think of the dollars that it will bring to not only the center, but our restaurants, bars, hotels, casino!

It is my opinion that this project will only be the beginning of many projects that are already in motion. The proposed trails are a good example. Maybe an Aquatic Center?

Our community is no different from any other. We don’t like change. I’ve heard disappointment about not having a real “donut” shop any more. Well, that is change and I am sure we will survive.

I do not hold a degree in economics, but to me it’s pretty straight forward: “Build it and they will come!”

Let’s all see the “big”?picture and move our community forward!

Respectfully, (signed) Corey Gramowski, Emmetsburg, IA