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An Idea To Fill Utilize Downtown Spaces

By Staff | Feb 7, 2012

To the Editor:

While parked on the street of our fair city I noticed the vacant spots where there used to be bustling businesses and now there is no longer even the building that used to house them. I wondered what that space could be used for now.

I may have a win-win idea.

Our local businesses are always looking for ways to entice people to shop in their stores and others.

Visualize if you will:?a tall fence in the rear of the property and a nice attractive fence lining the street in front with a gate for entry to the property. The property has been sodded with green grass and the area filled with “park like” entertainment for youngsters around the ages of — let’s say two years to five years. I’m talking “slides, monkey bars, rocking toys, etc., etc.”

Maybe some benches for adults to set and watch. Finding volunteers to man/lady this play garden during specified hours of the day.

People could bring their children to play while they did their shopping. Limits of time could be set for the parents return and if they showed proof of purchase from the local stores for a limited amount, the time their youngsters spent there would be “free.” If not — then there might be an hourly fee charged for this convenience.

There would have to be some thought put into the project to make it follow all the insurance, laws, finances, etc. But it seems like it could be a fair solution to a couple problems.

(signed)?Bill Crook

Cylinder, IA