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The Time Is Now

By Staff | Jan 3, 2012

To the Editor:

It is always good to preserve artifacts or buildings of historical significance. It is especially good if you are able to do it when you have money in the bank, especially if the bank still has money that is lendable.

In reference to the appeal to the board of supervisors for county tax money to be used to provide a portion of funding for a federal program that could refurbish historical buildings: When are civic leaders going to come to the realization that the bank is broke!

This bank, the Federal Government, spends $3.7 trillion a year and borrows $1.4 trillion of that amount, (more or less) every year.

When are “We the People” going to come to our senses and stop this nonsense of over-borrowing and over-spending before we are all broke?

The time is now!

Thank you,

(signed) Robert C. Jacobson, Citizen

Ruthven, IA