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What Have We Gained?

By Staff | Nov 25, 2011

To the Editor:

Augustus Caesar ruled in the years of 27BC to 14AD. Perhaps 1% of the people in the country could read, so everyone was told to pay taxes to Caesar as he ruled with an iron hand telling them how to live their lives and what to do.

Then we fast forward to a new country called the United States. Perhaps 5% of the people could read, so again we were told to pay taxes to Caesar (our Government) and we were being told how to live and what to do.

Fast forwarding to 2011, perhaps 95% of us can read. However, just recently I received the Annual Notice of changes made for my Part D Coverage for 2012 (14 pages), Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (176 pages), Part D Pharmacy Directory for 2012 (141 pages), the 2012 Formulary (106 pages), Medicare and You (152 pages), quarterly reports from investment companies (152 pages and 132 pages). All went into File 13 (waste basket). No Caprendo!!!

Bottom line is this. If 95% of us can read, but only 5% of us can understand and interpret what we are reading, what have we really gained?

So now, instead of paying Caesar?(our Government) we also are paying a few thousand little Caesars (our current and retired politicians), and still being told how to live and what to do.

They set their own pay, benefits, and when they leave – receive a very attractive retirement plan at our expense.

Even our own supervisors give themselves raises, with full insurance benefits, while working “part-time”.

Still need term limits and when they leave office, No, and I mean No retirement benefits.

(signed)?Roger Hanish

Emmetsburg, IA