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Acknowledging An Act Of Kindness

By Staff | Sep 29, 2011

To the Editor:

The human race is a wonderful place, and it’s great when you meet a kind person.

Last Saturday I was on my way from Spencer to Cedar Rapids to see my brother and his family. My brother, his wife and 5 boys only visit once every three years as he works in the Czech Republic, so I was excited to spend the weekend with them.

However, only 5 miles out of town my back tire literally shredded, and I got out of my car filled with despair. I have never changed a tire, and didn’t want to try it the first time on the side of the highway on a cool windy day.

Just as I made a call to be towed, a man in a red truck pulled up behind me. Jason Jacobson, the automotive technology instructor at Iowa Lakes Community College, who was on the way to the fair, took the time, effort and kindness to get me out of this dilemma in half an hour!

I wanted to publicly thank Jason for his help and let you know what a great guy you have in your community!

(signed) Mrs. Terry Mugge

Spencer, IA