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Addressing Concerns

By Staff | Jul 28, 2011

To the Editor:

In answer to Loren Greiner’s letter in last Tuesday’s Reporter (July 26). The addition to the entrance to the Senior Center is being done to keep the cold winter air out and help to conserve energy. The room is large enough to handle wheel chairs. It is a room large enough to handle any group going in or out.

As far as the ventilation in the building, it is fine. We have new windows, air conditioning, furnace and plenty of ventilation. No one has had a problem with carbon monoxide as he stated. Air is constantly moving and should not be a concern.

It was a sad situation for me to read, as our Senior Center is used by many, even Loren, every day. Please come and join us for dinner some day.

(signed)?Donna Steffen

Emmetsburg, IA