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“Let Us Keep More Of Our Money”

By Staff | Jul 19, 2011

To the Editor,

Another week and we are treated to another legislative update from Senator Kibbie. At least he is consistent. I will try to hit on a few points that can only come from a politician.

Mr. Kibbie says again that Iowa has a $400 million dollar surplus and our reserve funds are full. Then he wants to spend it with selected, targeted programs that have to be funneled thru the government. One example is the infamous TAX CREDIT that would benefit the Iowa businesses the employ 10 or fewer with their health coverage costs. What about the business that employs 11 people or 12 people? They somehow don’t deserve this? What about the business that has 10 employees and may want to hire another? Is that now a disincentive to hiring?

Mr. Kibbie says he wants to cut commercial property taxes by $200 million in a way that provides the greatest benefit to Iowa’s small businesses. What way is that? Sounds to me like another specific targeted action that is funneled thru the government. Why doesn’t every commercial property tax payer deserve relief? Why are only certain people deemed worthy by Mr. Kibbie deserving this special treatment?

Lastly Mr. Kibbie wants to give rebates for small wind and solar projects for homes and businesses. Because it means jobs for local construction companies, plumbers, electrical, HVAC contractors and help save on utility bills. REALLY? This is your economic development plan? Here in West Bend our local construction companies, plumbers and electricians all seem to be very busy and don’t have time to deal with another government spending stimulus program to drive their revenue.

Here is an idea for Mr. Kibbie. Stop advocating more spending and just let us keep more of our money. And pass that idea on to Washington, D.C.


(signed) Jeff Miller

West Bend, IA