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America – A Grand and Glorious Country

By Staff | Jul 12, 2011

To The Editor:

I can remember my mother saying what a “grand and glorious” country this is as she made out the check for the Federal Income Tax payment. Grand and glorious are two very good words to describe the United States of America!

My mother was the daughter of a Scotch immigrant and she married a German immigrant. We lived the life of a dairy farm family, and were taught the essential values of hard work and honest living. All nine of us were so glad and proud to be living in this wonderful country. We all have found it to be a land of unlimited opportunity and freedom.

My number three son is always talking about the wonderful opportunities in this country available to those who work hard and honestly. And, I can see it everywhere I look.

Also, while we are not so free as when I was young, Americans are still the free-est citizens of any nation on this earth.

With these things in mind in all coming elections, let us work for and vote for those candidates who are proud of our wonderful nation and who will challenge us to find what we can do for our nation rather than what it can do for us.


(signed)?Frederick Steinbron

Jesup, IA